A Letter from Lia Abati, co-founder of Magic Bird Festival Farm N' Art Markets: 

Roberta and I have known each other for over 30+ years now. The first time I visited the little town of Cave Creek was to see Roberta & Lester back in 1986. Back when they had the Magic Bird Art Gallery by the old Post Office. At that time, I was making jewelry out of recycled materials and painting on clothing or anything I could find to paint. Roberta and Lester took my wares in on consignment. 

As time went by and life got busier, we didn’t see each other much, but we stayed in touch. In 2009, I relocated to Carefree from the Valley. It was then that I started working for Magic Bird Festivals on the weekends during season. After a couple seasons working with Roberta, she had mentioned to me that eventually she was going to retire and I should think about buying the business. At that time, I didn’t really give it much thought. I was busy in Real Estate and doing other things. After 4 years in…I was hooked, I fell in love with the business, “The Art of Fun”! I fell in love with our exhibitors, and the fact that what we do essentially, is provide a vehicle for Entrepreneurs to make a living.  Not only is it Fun but very Rewarding!!

I am Elated and very Grateful to have the opportunity this season 2017-2018, to have Partnered up with Roberta and Magic Bird Festivals going forward. Stay tuned, as there are exciting new Fun things happening in Magic Birds future.  

Founder Roberta Toombs-Rechlin and Assistant Events Facilitator Lia Abati.

Magic Bird Arts & Crafts Festivals was established in Cave Creek, Arizona and has been in business since 1989. We care about our vendors and shoppers. Exhibitors, artists, vendors, and attendees from throughout Arizona and across the country, love to participate and shop at our Festival Events. Magic Bird takes pride in presenting a wide variety of vendor booths with creative product selection for our shoppers. Our goal is to have something for everyone!

"The scenic towns of Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, and Williams provide the perfect backdrop for our annual events. They highlight the beauty of the Valley from the South Mountain geography of Gilbert to the "Gateway to the Grand Canyon" in Williams. Our art, entertainment, and culturally informative performances embrace the history and nature that surrounds us. There is nothing else quite like it in Arizona.”

- Roberta Toombs-Rechlin

Founder Roberta Toombs-Rechlin and Assistant Events Facilitator Lia Abati.