1.      All events receive major media advertising. Advertising and directional event signs are placed as best allowed by very restrictive city and town codes.

2.      On site RV parking and camping is NOT AVAILABLE. You are expected to make arrangements for parking of large rigs. Magic Bird Festivals is happy to direct you to nearby parks.  

3.      At outdoor event locations we highly recommend using a professional and sturdy tent canopy. You MUST have a professional weight system for that canopy and any loss of yours or someone else’s product and/or display equipment due to severe weather belongs to you.

4.      Set up for most events this season will begin the afternoon of the day prior to that event weekend.  Details will be provided in your e-mailed confirmation and instructions. Come prepared with hand carts, etc. for most expeditious and efficient set up and please be COURTEOUS TO YOUR FELLOW VENDORS.

5.      Over night SECURITY is PROVIDED.

6.      FOOD CONCESSION VENDORS: Additional requirements for food concession vendors includes obtaining and providing copy of your Maricopa County Environmental Services Health Licenses and providing Magic Bird Festivals with Certificate of Insurance naming Magic Bird Festivals, LLC and the City and their venue location as additional insureds. Minimum GA needs be $2,000,000.

Additional Vendor Information

1.      How do I obtain an Arizona Tax Privilege (Sales Tax) License?  This license is required of all exhibitors participating in any and all events located in Arizona for purposes of collecting sales tax .  
Go to www.azdor.gov

2.      Do I need a City Tax License? 
a.      The Towns of Carefree, Cave Creek and Fountain Hills require that each Exhibitor add or include them as a PROGRAMMED CITY on your Arizona Tax Privilege License. The current procedure to do add cities or towns  to your existing state of Arizona Tax Privilege (Sales Tax) License go to www.azdor.gov and process a Business Account Update, currently form number 10193. This process is a one-time and one-time only detail. Once your Arizona Tax Privilege (Sales Tax) License or sales tax is updated in this way you never have to do it again (at this time).  If you are obtaining an Arizona Tax Privilege (Sales Tax) License for the first time, be sure you request that one or more of the programmed cities and towns be added as is relevant to your exhibit business plan. 
b.      Carefree also requires a vendor permit license per event and Magic Bird Festivals (Roberta) processes this for you and pays the Town of Carefree on your behalf. This fee totals $50 per event. There is no need for you ever to make contact with the Town of Carefree. MBF handles this for you.

c.    Cave Creek also requires you obtain and display an Annual Cave Creek Business License costing $50 per fiscal year.  Go to www.cavecreek.org or call 480-488-1400.

d.    Fountain Hills aslo requires you to obtain and display an Annual Fountain Hills Business License costing $50 per fiscal year.  Go to www.fh.az.gov or call 480-816-5100.  
c.      All sales by vendors are made directly to customers and vendors are responsible for all their own bookkeeping and sales tax collections and payments. Magic Bird Festivals requires that you provide your state and city tax numbers so that we are able to provide lists to the state and city when requested.

3.      The state of Arizona, County of Maricopa and each city or town sets their own sales tax rates subject to change from time to time. 

4.      While Magic Bird will assist you in keeping up to date on total sales tax for each venue, it is your responsibility as a business owner to know this information. 
Current sales tax rate total for Carefree and Cave Creek is 9.3% and for Fountain Hills it's 8.9%Type your paragraph here.